Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adding to it all.....

Well, sit down... Are you sitting???? OK....

We are expecting!
Baby #5, yes, #5, is Due in mid to late December. Tim and I have had yet another lesson in the Soverignty of God and His ways are higher than our ways. We are excited to have this blessing, and hope to be found faithful to God in parenting 5 children. Please pray for us as we prepare for this new one, continue to raise the 4 others in their various stages of life, and still be sain! God is gracious in His provision, so we trust in Him!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year, already

This past weekend we celebrated TJ's first birthday. It was a great time. We had a small party here at the house on Saturday with a barnyard theme. Farmer TJ had a great time playing, opening presents, and Oh, how he loved the cake.

This little man has been such a blessing, as all our children have been. TJ, being the only boy in the house, has brought a new element of fun and excitement. We have to think differently of how to raise a boy than our girls. We have the joyful responsibility of teaching him how to be a leader in his own home some day where with the girls we are raising them to be helpmates someday. It really is different.

We look forward to what God has in store for us in the next year with TJ and all the many new things he will do. Pray for wisdom for us both as Tim models leadership and I model being a helpmate. Oh, how we desire to fully understand our roles God has for us so that we can teach them to our children so that they may know and
understand all that God has called them to.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gearing up for summer

Another year of home schooling is complete. Praise be to God! It is only by His Grace and Mercy that this task is even possible. The girls have done very well, and are learning so much. The studies we have for them are quite challenging, requiring them to think outside the box in a lot of cases, and to apply logic to their answers rather than just memorize and recite. Brenna is headed into the 8th grade, and Taylor into the 6th. To me, that just seems impossible. It was only yesterday that they were Kara and TJ's age. It is even harder to believe that TJ will be one at the end of the month. Wow...

As Summer days are quickly approaching, I am realizing that finding time to breathe will be the challenge of the season. May has always been busy with birthdays, anniversaries, special events, graduations, and more, but it seems these days that it has extended itself into the months of June, July, and even August. It is all good though. God is teaching me that it isn't necessarily about having peace and quiet all the time, but sometimes managing chaos. Having kids in different stages of life has many blessings, but its challenges as well... Mainly logistics. I am looking forward to what this summer holds for us. Some of those things are:

Tim and I will begin teaching in Youth again. (11th and 12th grades)
Brenna will be accompanied by her Daddy for her first mission trip. Mission Arlington is the destination where they will do apartment ministry in July. (It is gonna be hot!)
Taylor will be doing choir this summer for a special music program our church is doing. She will have several practices and a day camp to attend in July.
VBS is going to be exciting this year. I am going to be the director for 2nd grade, Brenna is a helper in the pre-school area where TJ and Kara will be, and Taylor will be a student in VBS for one last year.
Somewhere in there we are trying to schedule a trip to Texas to see family and friends.

Before we can blink, August will be here and school will be back in full swing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing Catch up....

Needless to say, our lives have been a little bit more than busy lately. Winter has finally lifted its heavy hand upon us here in West Plains, and Spring is in full swing. Living life with an almost teen, a pre-teen, a toddler, and a baby has been incredibly challenging in so many ways, but still a blessing. I must admit that there are days when life would seem so much easier if I had two in school, one in Mother's Day Out, and only one at home to lug around, but I know that we are where God wants us to be for now, so we will continue to walk in the light that we have, trusting in Him, and counting our blessings.

We took a family road trip to Nashville, TN in early April with a family from West Plains. We had a blast! We visited several museums and parks along the way and had a great time with the Lewandowski's. We got a flat tire on the way home and had to drive 55 mph almost the entire way home. It took forever, but we got EXCELLENT gas milage!

Tim has been traveling quite a bit since his job responsibilities have shifted some. He is still doing a fantastic job, and his efforts are apparent in the companies continued growth. I know that it isn't Tim that is responsible for this, but God is , and is using him in this field to encourage and assist his fellow co-workers in growing business. Tim at the Great Wall in China, December 09
Brenna is very involved in the Youth ministry at our church and is looking forward to her summer mission trip to Arlington, Texas where they will participate in apartment ministry. She still loves tumbling, and is continuing to develop those skills. Watching her long legs flip around is quite beautiful. She has made some new buddies at our home school co-op, and is enjoying developing those friendships as well.

Taylor had oral surgery mid April, and is healing up so well. I praise God that she has recovered from this much better than I did when I had the same thing done at almost her same age. It is amazing how well she has done, and we know that is all because God heard our prayers! She LOVES tumbling, and is so athletic. She has no fear when it comes to doing the tricks, and is doing so well. She has enjoyed co-op as well, making new friends and spending time with old ones too.

Kara is.... well... Kara... she is growing so fast. Her vocabulary has gone from words and sentences to paragraphs and dissertations. She loves to play outside on her slide, blowing bubbles, and picking up rocks... yea, rocks... She is doing so well with her potty training and we hope to soon be 100% diaper free soon. She still wears them at night. She loves to be with her sisters, and loves to mother TJ. They have really started interacting more, playing together, and laughing together. That sound just melts my heart.

It is hard to believe that TJ will be one year old in a short month. He is such a joy. He says mama, dada, ba-ba, bye, hi, and has the signs down for "more" and "all done". He loves to smile, laugh, give kisses, and play. He is already "all boy", as I say, in his need to tackle, throw, and play rough. He is almost walking, and I think hasn't done so yet because he has his sisters who will pick him up when he reaches up for them.

As for summer, we don't have any specific plans yet. And I am ok with that for now. With everything that has been going on in life, it would be nice to have some down time. Reality is that I know we won't have that for many more years to come with our kiddos in 4 different directions. Until then... this is the season.

Brenna, Taylor, and Kara, April 10

"The little man" TJ Easter morning, April 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009

Long time, no blog....

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on here. And per mom's request, I am doing so now. To say it has been crazy in our lives would be an understatement. Between Tim's work, home school, church activites, tumbling, traveling, and raising 4 kids, it has been something almost non stop. The holidays have been good. Mom came back with us after Thanksgiving since Tim had a somewhat last minute trip to China the first two weeks of December. She has stayed through Christmas, and will return home to Houston on Jan. 2. I don't know what I am going to do... I have gotten very spoiled to having her here. Tim and I even had a chance to get away to St. Louis to see the Texans play the St. Louis Rams. We spent the night in downtown St. Louis. I found myself sitting, staring into space, in awe of the lack of someone to take care of or something that had to get done. It was wonderful. Thought I would include a few pictures from the holidays...

Praying that each of you has a blessed New Year and a year of seeing and savoring God like never before!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TJ is three months... where does the time go? (and other ramblings)

I can't believe TJ is already 3 months old. It just seems like yesterday. Heck, it just seems like yesterday that Kara was born... I guess that is what we get for having two in 15 1/2 months... Anyway. TJ is a joy. He has been such an easy baby. He is never really fussy, and when he is, he is easily consoled. He LOVES to "talk" he just coos all the time. His simle is the most contagious thing ever. He loves his sisters so. He watches them play around the room, and loves it when they want to snuggle with him. Kara just loves to hug and kiss on him. She also thinks the needs to have a pacifier and burp rag at ALL times. Brenna is the typical "little mommy" she has been with Kara, and Taylor has really taken a liking to him too. She will actually change diapers now. (But not if it is poopy) She has a special touch with TJ. She can always make him happy. What a blessing.
Actually, God's timing is perfect. We kicked up home school to include all subjects this week, and it has been very tiring. It is His timing that I sat down to post this blog so that I could remember how blessed we are to have these children, when just a little while ago I was ready to ship a couple of them off.... :) In the grand scheme of things, God uses these kids daily to teach me more about myself, and more importantly, Him. His mercies are new everyday! Praise God. And He is mercifully teaching me patience and steadfastness in parenting.I hold fast to the verse "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it." He isn't done yet.(thankfully)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A lot of catching up to do...

Well we finally have internet back!!!! It has been a month without it. It has been good and bad. Good, because I have not spent a lot of time on the computer, and more time reading and studying (not to mention taking care of 4 kiddos), and bad because I have felt so disconnected from so many of my friends and the world news.

Let's see... what has happened in this past month.... Well, we are settled in our new home, and I love it. We feel so blessed. We have broken the house in with small group meetings, visits from Uncle Micah and Aunt Heather, dinner with the Hirsch family, a Birthday Party for Brenna, and last night a slumber party. Whew..... I don't think I would have had time for the internet, even if we did have it before now.

I have a ton of pictures to post, and will get that done as soon as I can.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The little man is here!

On Sunday monring, May 31, at 1:26 am. God blessed us with Timothy James Igo, Jr. "T.J." He weighed 6lbs.12 oz, and was 19 in. long. He is a joy. His personality, so far, is very laid back. Brenna, Taylor, and Kara are all adjusting well and love to hold and kiss on him. Maw Maw is still here and is quickly turning TJ into a MawMaw's boy.

Tim and I are just in awe of God's blessings in our lives, and honored and challenged at the same time of the task that he has given us to raise His children for His glory. More pictures will be posted later.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok, I know it has been a while since I have posted anything....Things have been a bit busy these past few weeks.

I celebrated my 34th birthday. (I got a wii and wiifit, and I love it!) We celebrated one of my BFF's 30th birthday's with a sup rise party in Branson, I went and had a mani/pedi (sat next to a very weird individual, male, in his 60's that talked without ceasing), celebrated Mother's day, had a baby shower last night. During all of this we have been moving out furniture for a garage sale and packing up things that we don't really need out until we move into the new house.

The house is coming along great. They are putting in the wood floor as I type, and then the trim, doors, cabinets and counter tops will be going in next. It is really going well, and I think it looks great. Every time we go over there, I am thankful to God for his provision for this house and how He is working everything.

Tim has been working so very hard at making sure EVERYTHING is taken care of. He has really taken on even more since I am some what limited in my energy and ability. I know he is really going to need a good rest when we get settled into the new house. He has also been very busy with work and church as well. He is currently serving on the Budget and Finance team, and is in the process of being accepted as a deacon at our church. His business is doing well in spite of the economy, and he is making sure everyone has everything they need to sell the products he is in charge of.

Brenna and Taylor have finished school. PRAISE THE LORD! We are finishing up some math before we REALLY take a break, so that they will not start next fall in the last 2/3 of something from this year. They have worked so very hard this year, and I am very pleased with their progress and achievement this year. It has been a blessing to home school them.

Kara is growing like a weed! She is talking more every day, and we have so much fun with her. Her independent personality is really coming out now, along with some very funny OCD tendencies. She loves to dance and sing and play with her big sisters. It will be interesting to see how she does when her brother arrives, as I am sure she will not really understand that she is the only one that gets held anymore. I guess it is an early opportunity to teach that love is not making much of someone, but doing what is BEST for someone.

Baby TJ is set to arrive here in the next couple of weeks. The doctor said yesterday he was pretty certain I would not make it to my original due date. I told Tim this morning that I wasn't sure it would even be two more weeks. All of it is in the Lord's timing. I guess I should pack a bag for the hospital. (even though it is about 4 blocks from our house)

I have rambled on long enough - You can see God is busy in our world, as I am sure He is in yours. Just make sure you take the time to see where He is working and thank Him for it, even if your circumstances are not that "comfortable" right now. I know I have to remind myself of that all the time. God is God all the time, and He is GOOD all the time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The past a collage

Picasa is a really neat program! I have come to like it A LOT. It is easy to create and share collages, movies, and pictures. THis only took a couple of minutes to do. Believe it or not.
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